Ask about our Dustless Blasting services in Jefferson City & Lake Ozark, MO

Paint eventually fails, metal eventually rusts, and surfaces get dirty. Dustless Blasting lets you remove what is left of the old coatings and sealers from masonry, stone, brick, concrete, as well as road stripes from the pavement,
quickly and efficiently, leaving a smooth, clean surface that is ready to be made new again.

Restore the brick on the exterior of your home and even fragile interior and exterior surfaces of historical buildings, with no etching or pitting to the surfaces.

Graffiti, line stripes, calcium or oil stains, mildew and even 100 years of grime can be removed with Dustless Blasting's powerful abrasive system. The adjustable pressure and flow of the Dustless Blaster make it gentle enough for every kind of wood surface, whether antique or modern.
Use of recycled glass, walnut and water as the blast media, ensuring that you won't harm nearby plant life and will comply with governmental regulations.

Turn to our team when you need a surface prepared or cleaned in Jefferson City & Lake Ozark, MO.

We're certified to remove lead paint

To serve you better we've taken it up a notch with even better surface preparation for those hard to clean situations! New and Old paint (automotive), rust, efflorescence (brick retaining walls)... are just some of the hardest and most time-consuming things to remove... not anymore! Call now for your free and instant proposal!

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